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Shooting Ranges

Shooting Ranges


Elk River provides ranges for shooting and scenario practice. Firearms qualifications are conducted for pistols, carbines, less-lethal delivery systems, and diversionary devices. The facility features:

• Pistol range with multiple covered firing positions and active targets at 25 and 50 yards.

• Pistol Range with various reactive metal targets: Dueling Tree, Hostage, Poppers, Plate Racks, etc.

The range is operated in an absolutely safe manner through the strict enforcement of range rules.

Shooting Ranges


Positions: 8
Length: 75 yards

Open carbine range with 8 paper targets, multiple hanging steel targets, and one 82-foot steel or paper mover. Portable wooden facades available. Also usable for live fire arrivals and departures/emergency vehicle bail-outs. 15 Uncovered firing positions for targets at 100, 200, 300, and 400 yards.


Length: 100 and up to 900 yards.

Multiple hanging steel targets, portable wooden facades available. (Available by reservation) – Members only.

Day and weekly range rental rates available to Law Enforcement and Military. Includes use of classroom and precision rifle range.
 Non-member Range Fee (2 hours) – $20.00 Flat fee

 Extended time upon range availability.

Day Rate (8 hours) – $50.00 flat fee plus $12.00 per person
Includes use of cleaning facility, classroom, and shooting range.


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