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Comprehensive Advanced Security Training

1911 Operators Course

Introduction: The first part of the day will start off with live-fire drills on the flat range, followed by lunch and finishing up with an Armorer's class.

Aim: The student will quickly gain experience, confidence and increase their abilities to deploy a 1911 Pistol Handgun.

Topics Covered During Drills Will Include, But are Not Limited To:
  • 4-Point Draw With Attention to Thumb Safety Disengagement and Trigger Prep
  • Trigger Control and Reset
  • Proper Grip
  • Reloads
  • Malfunction Clearances
  • Flash Sight VS. Aimed Fire
  • Shooting While Moving

Topics Covered During The Armorer's Segment Will Include, But are Not Limited To:

  • Strong Points and Weak Points of the 1911
  • Complete Armorer's Disassembly
  • Maintenance and Lubrication Recommendations
  • Recommended Modifications/Upgrades, as Well as Simple "Tweaks"
  • Discussion of Different Parts, Gear and Accessories

All students will have an opportunity to shoot the Tactical Pistol Course for ranking.

Ammunition Requirements: 500 rounds of ammunition (not included)

Gear: Pistol, holster, three magazines, magazine holders, belt, wraparound eye protection, ear protection, rain gear, weapons cleaning kit, clothing appropriate for climate and conditions and a water bottle or other hydration system (not included).

Method: Classroom and practical application on the ranges.
Developed By: Elk River Training Facility Training Team
Trainer: Rob Sheppard
Skill Prerequisites: Current instructor certification or first line supervisor
Number of attendees: Maximum 10
Duration: 1 day
Course Cost: $150.00
Certification: Elk River Certification of Completion

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