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Comprehensive Advanced Security Training

Non-Lethal Defensive Tactics

Introduction: This course is intended to equip members of the law enforcement community with skills required to adequately employ non-lethal methods of force.

Aim: The student will have the ability, skill and knowledge to effectively incorporate non-lethal methods of force.

  • Analyzing Use of Force
  • Tactical Handcuffing
  • Pressure Point Control Tactics
  • Impact Weapon Systems
  • Control Concepts
  • Oleoresin Capsicum Aerosol Training
  • Proper Identification and Threat Identification

Ammunition Requirements: None

Gear: Expandable Baton, Baton Holder, Handcuffs, Groin Protection, belt, rain gear, clothing appropriate for climate and conditions, change of clothing, and a water bottle or other hydration system (not included).

Method: Classroom and practical applications.
Developed By: Elk River Training Facility
Training Team Trainer: John Pompi
Skill Prerequisites: Current Member of Law Enforcement or Security organization
Number of attendees: Maximum 20
Duration: 1 day, (9 hours)
Course Cost: $100.00
Certification: Elk River Certification of Completion

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